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Mar 21 2010
Study Shows Cancer Patients Greatly Benefit from “End of Life Discussions”
Mar 2 2010
Cancer Can’t Stop the Creation of New Life with 22-year-old Frozen Sperm!

This is an amazing story and an inspiration to all cancer patients! See below for news about a mother who had the foresight to preserve the sperm of her teenage son who was being treated for leukemia&...

Feb 13 2010
Time Interview with Randy Pausch on Dying of Pancreatic Cancer

Randy Pausch died of metastatic pancreatic cancer. He had remarkable insight to share. In this video, Time Magazine interviews Randy Pausch and asks some basic questions that dying cancer patients are...

Jan 20 2010
Randy Pausch: Facing Death and Dying with Dignity

This video features a CBS News special about Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University who lost his battle with cancer after 22 months. His public speeches about death and dying that are...

Jan 18 2010
Why Does My Family History Matter?

This video depicts an important principle about the significance of knowing your family history. I’m not talking about a distant cousin who may have had a different cancer than yours. Most cance...

Dec 29 2009
Congresswoman Shultz On Talking With Her Kids About Her Breast Cancer

This is an inspiring and informative interview with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Florida) and Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. She shares her experience and discusses how she approa...