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May 3 2010
Time-Honored Miracle Drug Now Shows Increase in Breast Cancer Survival Rates

Expert Analysis Highlights: Harvard Medical School study shows women who took an average of two-five aspirin a week were 60% less likely to develop metastatic breast cancer and 71% less likely to die ...

Feb 24 2010
It’s Time To Quit Smoking!

Cigarette smoking and tobacco use result in significantly more deaths each year than illegal drugs and AIDS. Smoking damages nearly every organ in the human body, is linked to at least 15 different ca...

Feb 22 2010
Senator John Kerry’s Invaluable Story About His Prostate Cancer Experience

This is one of the best stories on a prostate cancer journey that I have seen on video since I posted a blog on Rudy Giuliani.  These two political icons had access to a massive amount of information...

Feb 22 2010
Senator Chris Dodd Says His Prostate Cancer Is Manageable

Yet another well-known politician has announced that he has prostate cancer. Senator Chris Dodd (Democrat, Connecticut) described his experience that began with a rising PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen...

Feb 9 2010
Mammography Explained for First-timers

This is a nice patient education video for women who are undergoing their first mammogram. I have posted other blogs detailing the indications and benefits of screening mammography. See my blog, Ragin...

Feb 7 2010
Teresa Heinz Kerry, Senator John Kerry’s Wife, Battling Breast Cancer

Cancer does not discriminate in any way! It affects rich and poor, famous and infamous, powerful and weak, all with an equal vengeance. It can affect whole families. I know….both of my parents d...

Feb 6 2010
Inflammatory Breast Cancer: The Silent Killer

I have included a blog on this subject because inflammatory breast cancer is such a sneaky, silent killer that can affect young women. The video is very educational and should be of interest to women ...

Feb 3 2010
Senator John McCain Talks About His Melanoma and the Importance of Screening

In this video, Senator John McCain gives a presentation at a LiveStrong Symposium in Ohio. He describes his melanoma and the importance of skin cancer prevention. He is now an 8-year survivor of a mel...

Feb 1 2010
DNA Test Is a Major Advance in Screening for Colon Cancer

Here’s news about a major advance in colorectal cancer screening and detection. Dr Sanford Markowitz is a leading colorectal researcher. He is featured in this video from Case Western Reserve Me...