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Apr 20 2010
Laparoscopic Whipple?

Expert Analysis Highlights: Advances in technology and instrumentation has allowed surgeons to approach tumors previously thought to be impossible to remove with laparoscopy The reason why only a few ...

Feb 7 2010
Inside the Operating Room: Robotic Hysterectomy

Robotic surgery has become a standardized procedure by urologists for prostate surgery (see my other blog showing this procedure). Over the past decade, urologists have made great strides in implement...

Feb 4 2010
Minimally Invasive Surgery for Esophageal Cancer Treatment

Esophageal cancer affect some 14,000 Americans each year. It is generally a deadly disease because its symptoms are so vague. Surgery for this cancer can be very debilitating and have a prolonged reco...

Jul 11 2009
In the Operating Room: Laparoscopic Resection of the Pancreas

For those who want to gain visual insights into minimally invasive surgery, this video segment shows a partial resection (removal) of a pancreas that has a cancer growing in it. The 2-minute segment ...

Jun 20 2009
In the Operating Room: Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer

Of all the videos about robotic surgery for prostate cancer, this is one of the most detailed and informative for patients. It shows the operation from beginning to end. The robotic-Assisted Laparosco...