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Feb 16 2011
Michael Douglas Fights a Tough Cancer with a Great Attitude

Expert Analysis Highlights: Mr. Douglas was diagnosed with an advanced stage cancer at the base of the tongue Douglas tells Matt Lauer that he feels good now that the treatment is over Like many cance...

Feb 14 2010
John Wayne’s Change of Heart About Smoking Cigarettes

Does smoking cigarettes mean getting lung cancer? Just ask John Wayne. What a contrast between these two videos from one of the greatest actors who ever lived (and who did over 200 movies). The first ...

Jan 3 2010
Why Did Christina Applegate Decide To Have a Double Mastectomy?

I recently saw a re-run of an interview on Oprah with Christina Applegate, and she explained why she chose a double mastectomy for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. I cannot share the Opr...

Dec 27 2009
Farrah Fawcett’s Life with Rectal Cancer

This is a revealing and poignant video about actress Farrah Fawcett’s battle with anal cancer that was filmed in the weeks before her death. After fighting a three-year battle with cancer, Fawce...

Sep 26 2009
Peter Jennings’ Last Broadcast: His Battle with Lung Cancer

This was Peter Jennings’ final broadcast before his death from lung cancer. He said he smoked for years, and in this video he offers some words of wisdom for his viewers. Here’s more infor...

Jul 11 2009
Soraya: Gifted Latin Singer who Died of Breast Cancer

Soraya was one of my favorite singers! Unfortunately, she had a very strong family history of breast cancer, including in her mother and her sister. She developed breast cancer while she was in her 3...

Jul 11 2009
Melissa Etheridge and Experiencing Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Melissa Etheridge is a Grammy Award winning singer who developed breast cancer that spread to a lymph node. After surgery, she had adjuvant (added) chemotherapy. This video is an A&E Biography of...

Jun 28 2009
Don Imus Talks About His Prostate Cancer

Radio personality Don Imus has announced that he developed prostate cancer. Listen to his description of how his PSA has varied and gone up and down over the years. This video is just a heads-up for m...

Apr 20 2009
Sheryl Crow and Her Breast Cancer Experience

Making decisions about breast cancer treatment involves a range of choices from double mastectomy to lumpectomy. Each woman must be informed and educated about her treatment and prevention options so ...