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Jul 22 2010
Acupuncture to Treat Hot Flashes Instead of Drug Therapy?

Expert Analysis Highlights: There is some evidence, although somewhat controversial, that acupuncture can be effective in reducing frequency of hot flashes A small, 12-week study concluded “Acupunct...

Mar 16 2010
An Important Advance: Avastin (Bevacizumab) for Brain Cancer Treatment

Expert Analysis Highlights: Avaston has been approved by the FDA as a single agent for patients with progressive glioblastoma (GBM) following prior therapy Avastin is a  angiogenesis inhibitor that ...

Feb 3 2010
Trastuzumab for Targeted Therapy of Breast Cancer

This is an Oncology Podcast that covers three news highlights in breast cancer. The first one, and the most significant, concerns a report from Europe in women with inflammatory breast cancer (express...

Feb 2 2010
Bone Marrow Stimulating Drugs (Aranesp, Procrit, Epgen, Neulasta): Benefits and Risks

Bone marrow stimulating drugs are beneficial in some cancer treatment circumstances, but dangerous in others. A group of drugs, Aranesp, Epogen, and Procrit, have been a vital component of cancer chem...

Sep 15 2009
Erlotinib (Tarceva) for Advanced Lung Cancer

For treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer, Dr. Vincent A. Miller (MSKCC) describes study results that suggest the addition of erlotinib (Tarceva, OSI pharmaceuticals) to bevacizumab extends...

Jul 24 2009
Zoledronic Acid (Zometa) to Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence

Zoledronic acid (Zometa, Novartis) is an intravenous drug that can reduce or delay bone complications from bone metastases in patients with breast, prostate, and lung cancer as well as multiple myelo...

Jul 24 2009
Capecitabine (Xeloda) for Early Stage Breast Cancer and Colorectal Cancer

Capecitabine (XELODA, Roche) is the first FDA-approved oral chemotherapy for the treatment of both metastatic breast and colorectal cancers. The drug is approved for use in colorectal cancer, both as ...

Jul 11 2009
Breast Cancer Treatment with Femara (letrozole) and Tamoxifen

This is an opportunity to summarize results of a major international study involving over 8000 postmenopausal women with hormone positive breast cancers who received either Tamoxifen or letrazole (Fem...

Jun 28 2009
Chemotherapy Options for Prostate Cancer

Dr Gerald Chodak talks about the types of drugs used for aggressive prostate cancer that was refractory to hormone treatments. He discusses the indications, benefits and side effects of taxotere (doce...