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Skin Cancer

Feb 6 2010
Preparing for Hair Loss After Chemotherapy
Feb 3 2010
Senator John McCain Talks About His Melanoma and the Importance of Screening

In this video, Senator John McCain gives a presentation at a LiveStrong Symposium in Ohio. He describes his melanoma and the importance of skin cancer prevention. He is now an 8-year survivor of a mel...

Dec 24 2009
Overview of Melanoma

This is a very informative 7 minute overview about melanoma: recognition, diagnosis, sentinel node biopsy, etc. I am concerned about the rising incidence of melanoma across the country, especially amo...

Dec 15 2009
Metastasis: How Does Cancer Spread to Other Parts of the Body?

Metastasis is a medical term that can strike fear in the minds of cancer patients. It’s the process of cancer cells spreading to vital organs and then interfering with their normal function. Thi...

Oct 6 2009
Top 10 Tips on Preventing Skin Cancer

Here is a nice summary on preventing skin cancer. For anyone who is at risk for sunburning, and who wants to be healthy for a lifetime and prevent melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, this is a ve...

Sep 15 2009
Important Diet Tips For Cancer Prevention

Can good nutrition help prevent cancer? Dr David Heber from UCLA talks about the benefits of eating a colorful diet. The recommendation is  5 – 9 servings of fruit and vegetables each day in or...

Aug 1 2009
Reducing Cancer Mortality with Vitamin D
Jun 21 2009
Miss Maryland on the Dangers of Sunburn and Tanning Beds

Brittany Lietz was Miss Maryland in 2006 and went on to the Miss America Pagent. Her public platform was about prevention of sunburn and the dangers of using tanning booths. As a model, Brittany used ...

Jun 20 2009
Diagnosing Melanoma: What Does the Dermatologist Look For?

This is a 2 minute video about what a dermatologists does when screening for melanoma. Dr Susan Sweeter, an expert  from Stanford Medical Center, is interviewed. Here’s more information from ou...