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Facing Death from Pancreas and Liver Cancer

Jul 1 2010
Study Finds Straight Talk About Dying Improves Patient’s Quality of Life
Mar 21 2010
Study Shows Cancer Patients Greatly Benefit from “End of Life Discussions”
Feb 13 2010
Time Interview with Randy Pausch on Dying of Pancreatic Cancer

Randy Pausch died of metastatic pancreatic cancer. He had remarkable insight to share. In this video, Time Magazine interviews Randy Pausch and asks some basic questions that dying cancer patients are...

Jan 20 2010
Randy Pausch: Facing Death and Dying with Dignity

This video features a CBS News special about Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University who lost his battle with cancer after 22 months. His public speeches about death and dying that are...

Jun 19 2009
Randy Pausch on Oprah About Facing Death from Pancreatic Cancer

Randy Pausch went on Oprah and gave an extraordinary talk to the audience about his pancreatic cancer, the battles he faced in treatment, his prospect of dying because the cancer spread to his liver, ...