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Gynecologic Cancer

Oct 12 2010
The ABC’s of Clinical Trials
Sep 20 2010
An Ovarian Cancer Patient Fights Chronic Pain

An ovarian cancer patient in England describes her difficult struggles with chronic pain due to her advancing disease and the side effects of her chemotherapy. In the video, Dr Beverly Collett, Immedi...

Sep 12 2010
How Do I Get My Medical Records?

Expert Analysis Highlights: Below are a few basic principles that will allow you to know your rights and get the records you need The most critical medical records in your cancer care are usually your...

Aug 13 2010
Is the Media Just Telling Cancer Patients What They Want to Hear?

Expert Analysis Highlights: Lay media does a poor job of keeping a balanced perspective when reporting cancer information Study found that 95% reported exclusively on aggressive and expensive treatmen...

Jul 7 2010
The Day Before Surgery
Jul 1 2010
Study Finds Straight Talk About Dying Improves Patient’s Quality of Life
Jun 23 2010
Nutrition Tips During Cancer Treatment

Here’s some helpful information from our companion website, Here are some hints to keep in mind to help you get the nutrition you need while you are undergoing cancer treatm...

Mar 21 2010
Study Shows Cancer Patients Greatly Benefit from “End of Life Discussions”
Mar 4 2010
Study May Help Cool Hot Flashes for Cancer Patients

Hot flashes can be a very debilitating condition for women who undergo estrogen depletion, either naturally (with menopause), with surgical ablation (of the ovaries), with certain types of chemotherap...