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Sep 13 2010
Eat Better, Move More, and Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Previously, I have reported on studies that regular exercise may play an important role in prevention of depression among breast cancer survivors. (For more details, read “Lifestyle Makes a Differen...

Jul 26 2010
What is Radiation Treatment Like?

Expert Analysis Highlights: This video provides patients with the chance to see what actually happens during the course of radiation treatment On a daily bases there is no pain or discomfort with the ...

Jun 15 2010
In the Operating Room: Breast Reconstruction Surgery

There are many options for breast reconstructive surgery. One of the more popular is the TRAM flap, especially for a woman with excess belly fat or an abdomen that has been stretched out by pregnancy....

Jun 21 2009
Important Information When Considering Breast Cancer Surgery

For women who are considering surgery for breast cancer, this is a nice video showing anatomy of the breast and lymph glands in the armpit as well as basic elements of breast cancer surgery. Here̵...

Jun 20 2009
In the Operating Room: Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer

Of all the videos about robotic surgery for prostate cancer, this is one of the most detailed and informative for patients. It shows the operation from beginning to end. The robotic-Assisted Laparosco...

May 15 2009
Sexual Issues After Cancer: Helpful Advice for Women