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Detecting and Staging Colon and Rectal Cancer

Feb 1 2010
DNA Test Is a Major Advance in Screening for Colon Cancer

Here’s news about a major advance in colorectal cancer screening and detection. Dr Sanford Markowitz is a leading colorectal researcher. He is featured in this video from Case Western Reserve Me...

Jan 17 2010
Colon Cancer Myths Revealed

Colon cancer can be a “silent killer” because it can grow for some time without causing any symptoms. Sometimes a colon cancer can be quite advanced before a person knows it is there. That...

Jun 20 2009
What Does Colon Cancer Look Like?

Here is a 14 second segment view of a colon cancer seen through a scope. Not very pleasant, but an important view if you’re looking for cancer. There are other options such as a virtual colonosc...