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Screening and Prevention of Breast Cancer

May 3 2010
Time-Honored Miracle Drug Now Shows Increase in Breast Cancer Survival Rates

Expert Analysis Highlights: Harvard Medical School study shows women who took an average of two-five aspirin a week were 60% less likely to develop metastatic breast cancer and 71% less likely to die ...

Apr 20 2010
The Cancer Prevention Diet

Expert Analysis Highlights: Certain types of cancer like colon cancer have a slight association with a high-fat diet Avoid hydrogenated and trans fats, and seek out Omega 3 or Free Range products in y...

Feb 7 2010
Teresa Heinz Kerry, Senator John Kerry’s Wife, Battling Breast Cancer

Cancer does not discriminate in any way! It affects rich and poor, famous and infamous, powerful and weak, all with an equal vengeance. It can affect whole families. I know….both of my parents d...

Feb 3 2010
Trastuzumab for Targeted Therapy of Breast Cancer

This is an Oncology Podcast that covers three news highlights in breast cancer. The first one, and the most significant, concerns a report from Europe in women with inflammatory breast cancer (express...

Jan 31 2010
The Raging Debate on Mammography Guidelines

In November last year, a series of “bombshell” recommendations about screening mammography was made by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force , an independent panel that makes health care recom...

Dec 29 2009
Congresswoman Shultz On Talking With Her Kids About Her Breast Cancer

This is an inspiring and informative interview with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Florida) and Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. She shares her experience and discusses how she approa...

Dec 25 2009
The Importance of Breast Self Examination

This is a patient education video that explains the anatomy of the female breast and the importance of breast self-examination as a part of screening. Here’s more information from our companion ...

Nov 29 2009
Mammography Guidelines Debate: To Change or Not to Change

As a breast cancer surgeon and investigator, I join the chorus of voices, including the American Cancer Society, that we should NOT change our criteria for screening mammograms. There is strong scient...

Nov 17 2009
Fat Gain, Drinking Alcohol, and Being Overweight Put You At Risk for Breast Cancer

This is a video segment with a panel discussion sponsored by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Two distinguished experts participated: Clifford Hudis, MD from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Cent...