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Health and Nutrition for Breast Cancer

Sep 13 2010
Eat Better, Move More, and Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Previously, I have reported on studies that regular exercise may play an important role in prevention of depression among breast cancer survivors. (For more details, read “Lifestyle Makes a Differen...

May 3 2010
Time-Honored Miracle Drug Now Shows Increase in Breast Cancer Survival Rates

Expert Analysis Highlights: Harvard Medical School study shows women who took an average of two-five aspirin a week were 60% less likely to develop metastatic breast cancer and 71% less likely to die ...

Apr 20 2010
The Cancer Prevention Diet

Expert Analysis Highlights: Certain types of cancer like colon cancer have a slight association with a high-fat diet Avoid hydrogenated and trans fats, and seek out Omega 3 or Free Range products in y...

Mar 30 2010
Lifestyle Makes a Difference in Combating Depression After Breast Cancer

Expert Analysis Highlights: Psychological well-being ultimately improves one’s chances of surviving cancer Largest study that has been reported to date comes from China regarding factors that he...

Feb 17 2010
What Does Vitamin D Have To Do with My Breast Cancer Risk?

An interesting and important article was published in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Oncology about a study of vitamin D levels in breast cancer patients. This is an important topic because vitam...

Feb 7 2010
Ginger Provides Significant Reduction of Chemotherapy-induced Nausea

The prestigious American Society of Clinical Oncology publishes each year a list of major cancer advances during the previous year. In their “Clinical Cancer Advances 2009”, they list this...

Feb 6 2010
Ginseng May Help with Cancer-Related Fatigue

Cancer fatigue is a debilitating condition that is different from usual “tiredness”.  Fatigue felt by people with cancer is different from fatigue felt occasionally by healthy individuals...

Sep 15 2009
Important Diet Tips For Cancer Prevention

Can good nutrition help prevent cancer? Dr David Heber from UCLA talks about the benefits of eating a colorful diet. The recommendation is  5 – 9 servings of fruit and vegetables each day in or...

Aug 1 2009
Reducing Cancer Mortality with Vitamin D