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Experiencing Surgery for Breast Cancer

Dec 29 2010
Surgical Removal of Non-Cancerous Breast or Ovary Decreases Mortality Rate

Expert Analysis Highlights: There is continued evidence that prophylactic removal of the breast and ovaries decreases mortality rate This subject is not without controversy, but results of studies hav...

Jul 7 2010
The Day Before Surgery
Jun 15 2010
In the Operating Room: Breast Reconstruction Surgery

There are many options for breast reconstructive surgery. One of the more popular is the TRAM flap, especially for a woman with excess belly fat or an abdomen that has been stretched out by pregnancy....

Jun 14 2010
Nipple-sparing Mastectomy

This video segment discusses nipple-sparing mastectomy for breast cancer by surgical oncologists from Case Western Reserve Hospital. This procedure is not applicable for most women facing a total mast...

Feb 11 2010
Navigating Through The Complex Decisions of Breast Cancer Surgery

In this blog, I reference three medical articles that provide important information about how breast cancer patients can navigate through a very complex decision-making process and arrive at a treatme...

Feb 3 2010
Breast Reconstruction Options Are A Personal Choice

In many of my blogs about breast cancer treatment options, I have emphasized the importance of patient-based, doctor-guided decision-making. This video, from Beth Israel Medical Center, nicely illustr...

Jan 3 2010
Why Did Christina Applegate Decide To Have a Double Mastectomy?

I recently saw a re-run of an interview on Oprah with Christina Applegate, and she explained why she chose a double mastectomy for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. I cannot share the Opr...

Dec 29 2009
Congresswoman Shultz On Talking With Her Kids About Her Breast Cancer

This is an inspiring and informative interview with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Florida) and Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. She shares her experience and discusses how she approa...

Jun 21 2009
Important Information When Considering Breast Cancer Surgery

For women who are considering surgery for breast cancer, this is a nice video showing anatomy of the breast and lymph glands in the armpit as well as basic elements of breast cancer surgery. Here̵...