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Experiencing Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Sep 7 2010
Should I Travel Far to Get the Best Chemo or Radiation?
Jul 22 2010
Acupuncture to Treat Hot Flashes Instead of Drug Therapy?

Expert Analysis Highlights: There is some evidence, although somewhat controversial, that acupuncture can be effective in reducing frequency of hot flashes A small, 12-week study concluded “Acupunct...

May 12 2010
Genetic Testing May Help Decision to Avoid Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

Expert Analysis Highlights: Genetic test (oncotype DX) aids decision as to whether or not to undergo chemotherapy after surgery Profile of the breast cancer genes can be used to predict whether or not...

Apr 16 2010
Implantable Venous Access Devices for Delivering Chemotherapy
Apr 5 2010
Acupuncture to Relieve Pain and Other Side Effects of Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer

Expert Analysis Highlights: Growing body of scientific research demonstrating the benefits of acupuncture in treating side effects that result from cancer treatment Study as depicted in the video show...

Feb 7 2010
Ginger Provides Significant Reduction of Chemotherapy-induced Nausea

The prestigious American Society of Clinical Oncology publishes each year a list of major cancer advances during the previous year. In their “Clinical Cancer Advances 2009”, they list this...

Feb 6 2010
Inflammatory Breast Cancer: The Silent Killer

I have included a blog on this subject because inflammatory breast cancer is such a sneaky, silent killer that can affect young women. The video is very educational and should be of interest to women ...

Feb 6 2010
Preparing for Hair Loss After Chemotherapy
Feb 3 2010
Trastuzumab for Targeted Therapy of Breast Cancer

This is an Oncology Podcast that covers three news highlights in breast cancer. The first one, and the most significant, concerns a report from Europe in women with inflammatory breast cancer (express...