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Detecting and Staging Breast Cancer

Jun 21 2010
Tennis Icon Martina Navratilova Confronts Breast Cancer

Expert Analysis Highlights: Martina Navratilova describes her initial reaction when informed she had ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) breast cancer “This was my personal  9/11″ says Navratilov...

Jun 21 2010
Why Are Biomarkers Important for DCIS Breast Cancer Patients?

Expert Analysis Highlights: Study identifies biomarker expression that were helpful in predicting risk of recurrence for patients with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) treated by lumpectomy alone Infor...

May 12 2010
Genetic Testing May Help Decision to Avoid Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

Expert Analysis Highlights: Genetic test (oncotype DX) aids decision as to whether or not to undergo chemotherapy after surgery Profile of the breast cancer genes can be used to predict whether or not...

Feb 9 2010
Mammography Explained for First-timers

This is a nice patient education video for women who are undergoing their first mammogram. I have posted other blogs detailing the indications and benefits of screening mammography. See my blog, Ragin...

Feb 3 2010
Trastuzumab for Targeted Therapy of Breast Cancer

This is an Oncology Podcast that covers three news highlights in breast cancer. The first one, and the most significant, concerns a report from Europe in women with inflammatory breast cancer (express...

Jan 31 2010
The Raging Debate on Mammography Guidelines

In November last year, a series of “bombshell” recommendations about screening mammography was made by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force , an independent panel that makes health care recom...

Dec 31 2009
The Basics of Breast Biopsies

A video-animation presentation about breast biopsies. Both fine needle aspiration and core biopsies are covered. 3D graphics are used to explain the process. Here’s more information from our com...

Dec 25 2009
The Importance of Breast Self Examination

This is a patient education video that explains the anatomy of the female breast and the importance of breast self-examination as a part of screening. Here’s more information from our companion ...

Nov 29 2009
Mammography Guidelines Debate: To Change or Not to Change

As a breast cancer surgeon and investigator, I join the chorus of voices, including the American Cancer Society, that we should NOT change our criteria for screening mammograms. There is strong scient...