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Dr. Charles Balch

Dr. Charles M. Balch leads a distinguished career as a clinical and academic surgical oncologist and a leading authority in both melanoma and breast cancer. As revered teacher, astute administrator, and world-renowned speaker, he continues to build networks in the field of clinical trials and outcomes research.

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Dec 29 2010
Surgical Removal of Non-Cancerous Breast or Ovary Decreases Mortality Rate

Expert Analysis Highlights: There is continued evidence that prophylactic removal of the breast and ovaries decreases mortality rate This subject is not without controversy, but results of studies hav...

Dec 15 2010
Does Vitamin D Improve Colorectal Cancer Survival Rates?

Expert Analysis Highlights: There’s a lot of controversy about the effects of Vitamin D on survival outcome for various forms of cancer Retrospective studies show “clues” that lower seru...

Nov 17 2010
Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia: Finding Resources and Treatment Options

Expert Analysis Highlights: Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL) is relatively rare and educational resources are limited; below is information on how to get started Our companion website www.patientres...

Sep 29 2010
Dexter Also Fought Hodgkins Lymphoma

Expert Analysis Highlights: Michael Hall was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in January, 2010 It is important for survivors to continue having regular follow-up, at least on an annual basis for th...

Sep 20 2010
An Ovarian Cancer Patient Fights Chronic Pain

An ovarian cancer patient in England describes her difficult struggles with chronic pain due to her advancing disease and the side effects of her chemotherapy. In the video, Dr Beverly Collett, Immedi...

Sep 20 2010
Obesity Linked to Worse Outcomes in Colon Cancer

Expert Analysis Highlights: Many studies have previously shown that obesity is associated with a greater risk of developing colon cancer Obesity’s effect on long-term outcomes after the cancer has b...

Sep 13 2010
Eat Better, Move More, and Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Previously, I have reported on studies that regular exercise may play an important role in prevention of depression among breast cancer survivors. (For more details, read “Lifestyle Makes a Differen...

Sep 7 2010
“Hospice Care” Should Not Be Overlooked

Expert Analysis Highlights: Study in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine concluded that early Hospice care (also known as palliative or end-of-life care) led to significant improvements in...

Aug 13 2010
Is the Media Just Telling Cancer Patients What They Want to Hear?

Expert Analysis Highlights: Lay media does a poor job of keeping a balanced perspective when reporting cancer information Study found that 95% reported exclusively on aggressive and expensive treatmen...