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Apr 20 2010
Laparoscopic Whipple?

Expert Analysis Highlights: Advances in technology and instrumentation has allowed surgeons to approach tumors previously thought to be impossible to remove with laparoscopy The reason why only a few ...

Apr 20 2010
The Cancer Prevention Diet

Expert Analysis Highlights: Certain types of cancer like colon cancer have a slight association with a high-fat diet Avoid hydrogenated and trans fats, and seek out Omega 3 or Free Range products in y...

Apr 16 2010
Implantable Venous Access Devices for Delivering Chemotherapy
Apr 12 2010
Streamline Your Pancreas Cancer Work-up

Expert Analysis Highlights: Pancreas cancer patients often have “the kitchen sink” thrown at them causing unnecessary delays before surgery Tests and studies that often don’t influen...

Apr 5 2010
Acupuncture to Relieve Pain and Other Side Effects of Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer

Expert Analysis Highlights: Growing body of scientific research demonstrating the benefits of acupuncture in treating side effects that result from cancer treatment Study as depicted in the video show...