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Mar 30 2010
Lifestyle Makes a Difference in Combating Depression After Breast Cancer

Expert Analysis Highlights: Psychological well-being ultimately improves one’s chances of surviving cancer Largest study that has been reported to date comes from China regarding factors that he...

Mar 21 2010
Study Shows Cancer Patients Greatly Benefit from “End of Life Discussions”
Mar 18 2010
Twelve Key Questions When Planning for Rectal Cancer Treatment

Expert Analysis Highlights: The decision-making for cancers of the rectum can be more complex than any other cancer Decisions about the initial treatment are often very complicated and require the tre...

Mar 16 2010
An Important Advance: Avastin (Bevacizumab) for Brain Cancer Treatment

Expert Analysis Highlights: Avaston has been approved by the FDA as a single agent for patients with progressive glioblastoma (GBM) following prior therapy Avastin is a  angiogenesis inhibitor that ...

Mar 15 2010
Advances in the Treatment of Glioblastoma of the Brain

This is an informative interview with Dr J. Leonard Lichtenfeld, M.D., representing the American Cancer Society, who gives a nice summary of the various treatments for glioblastoma, including  a stud...

Mar 14 2010
In the Operating Room: Brain Tumor Surgery

Removing a tumor in the human brain is a challenging operation. In this video, you can see directly into the brain and see how a tumor is removed. Dr Chistopher Duma, MD, FACS,  from Newport Beach, C...

Mar 10 2010
The Financial Cost of Cancer and Ways to Manage It

The national news is full of stories like this video where patients who are uninsured and under-insured are suffering not only from the ravages of their cancer or its treatment, but also bear a terrib...

Mar 4 2010
Study May Help Cool Hot Flashes for Cancer Patients

Hot flashes can be a very debilitating condition for women who undergo estrogen depletion, either naturally (with menopause), with surgical ablation (of the ovaries), with certain types of chemotherap...

Mar 2 2010
Cancer Can’t Stop the Creation of New Life with 22-year-old Frozen Sperm!

This is an amazing story and an inspiration to all cancer patients! See below for news about a mother who had the foresight to preserve the sperm of her teenage son who was being treated for leukemia&...