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Minimally Invasive Surgery for Esophageal Cancer Treatment

Esophageal cancer affect some 14,000 Americans each year. It is generally a deadly disease because its symptoms are so vague. Surgery for this cancer can be very debilitating and have a prolonged recovery. This video features a new surgical approach called “minimally invasive surgery”. Dr Scott Kelly, a gastrointestinal surgical oncologist at the R Lee Moffitt Cancer center in Tampa Florida, is featured on this video. His patient had successful surgery. This type of surgery is not for everyone, but in a properly selected patient, it can be associated with less pain and a quicker recovery.

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  1. Esophageal Cancer is a tumor which forms within the lining of the individual’s esophagus. It is very dangerous disease. Person suffering from it, face difficulty in swallowing food, irritation of heartburn, blood in vomiting etc. Many ignores these symptoms, but one should immediately consult doctor, delaying it could be more dangerous.

  2. Jean Schutt says:

    I would like to see more on this subject as I have been diagnosed with barretts esophagus. Continually having to have my throat streatched. Zegrid is a stapel on my nightstand and even when not lying down. I was having endoscopy everey 6mos. but Dr said when he had a polyp biopsied about 2mos ago it showed something that required being tested every 3mos. when he said that i went brain dead and didn’t even catch what he said it was. I’ve looked all over the internet ever since to get an idea and haven’t found anything yet. Sure would like to know sooner than my next appt.
    Any help, Oh yes I have NHL for l2yrs now, Chemo in 99 a small lymphoma in breast in 2009 with 20 radiations.

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