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Jan 31 2010
The Raging Debate on Mammography Guidelines

In November last year, a series of “bombshell” recommendations about screening mammography was made by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force , an independent panel that makes health care recom...

Jan 22 2010
Choosing Between a Mastectomy or Lumpectomy

There’s an interesting national trend among women with breast cancer who are increasingly choosing to have mastectomies, often times with “breast reconstructive surgery” instead of lumpectomies ...

Jan 20 2010
Randy Pausch: Facing Death and Dying with Dignity

This video features a CBS News special about Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University who lost his battle with cancer after 22 months. His public speeches about death and dying that are...

Jan 18 2010
What’s New In Brain Tumor Treatment?

Brain tumors are a devastating type of cancer that are very difficult to treat. Progress is being made, however, across all the disciplines, including neurosurgery, radiation therapy and new drugs. Th...

Jan 18 2010
Why Does My Family History Matter?

This video depicts an important principle about the significance of knowing your family history. I’m not talking about a distant cousin who may have had a different cancer than yours. Most cance...

Jan 17 2010
Colon Cancer Myths Revealed

Colon cancer can be a “silent killer” because it can grow for some time without causing any symptoms. Sometimes a colon cancer can be quite advanced before a person knows it is there. That...

Jan 3 2010
Why Did Christina Applegate Decide To Have a Double Mastectomy?

I recently saw a re-run of an interview on Oprah with Christina Applegate, and she explained why she chose a double mastectomy for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. I cannot share the Opr...

Jan 2 2010
Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Cancer

For men with erectile dysfunction after prostate surgery, this video by Dr Philip Katelaris of Sydney Australia discusses various options, including the indications and results with a penile prosthese...