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Soraya: Gifted Latin Singer who Died of Breast Cancer


Soraya was one of my favorite singers! Unfortunately, she had a very strong family history of breast cancer, including in her mother and her sister. She developed breast cancer while she was in her 30s. Soraya became a well-known breast cancer advocate and was a spokesperson for the Susan B. Koman Foundation for the Cure She died in 2006 at age 37. Watch this video to hear her story and her message about breast cancer.

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  1. Tom Barnett says:

    How prevalent are breast cancer screening programs in Mexico??

    • Mark Balch says:

      I found a good article on Mexico’s first breast cancer screening program:

      Screening in Mexico finds most breast cancer in women 60 and younger
      By Rebekah Moan | September 22, 2009

      Nearly 70% of cancers found in Mexico’s first breast cancer screening program were in women younger than 60 years old, the reverse of the pattern seen in the U.S. and other developed countries.

      Mexico’s first voluntary mammography screening program was organized by the Mexican Foundation for Education in Prevention and Opportune Detection of Breast Cancer (FUCAM) and the Mexico City government. It targeted women over 40.

      More than 96,000 mammograms were performed in mobile units for residents in Mexico City’s Federal District over a 22-month period ending in December 2006, according to a new study (Breast J 2009 Aug. 17:epub ahead of print).

      Read the rest here:

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