Chemotherapy Options for Prostate Cancer

Dr Gerald Chodak talks about the types of drugs used for aggressive prostate cancer that was refractory to hormone treatments. He discusses the indications, benefits and side effects of taxotere (docetaxel, Sanofi Aventis). Here’s other information from our companion website,, that you may find helpful:

Online prostate cancer calculators, also called nomograms, provide forecasts of prostate cancer outcomes by calculating the statistical probability of disease progression or patient survival after treatment by comparing your individual information to data from many hundreds or thousands of other prostate cancer patients. Two particularly comprehensive calculators are available on Web sites from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York ( and the University of Montreal ( .

The advantage of these predictive tools is that they are individualized to your particular condition and characteristics. The calculators ask you to respond to questions about your PSA level, age, tumor stage, Gleason score, biopsy cores and planned treatment or other information. Calculators are available to help you and your physician make treatment decisions before and after initial treatment and after a relapse.

However, as more men are diagnosed with lower-risk disease, these nomograms are proving less useful. For those men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer the great majority will be assessed as low or intermediate risk. These nomograms provide limited information to distinguish those men whose cancers will be cured from those in whom treatment will fail. In men with low or intermediate risk disease, new approaches and technologies involving biological markers are being developed to improve your doctor’s ability to estimate the curability of the cancer (see Biological Markers below).

You should talk with your physician or medical team to help you interpret the results of these calculators and make decisions about any planned treatment. The statistics you receive by filling out these nomograms will help you have an informed discussion with your doctor.

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